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Update: This event has now passed, but don’t worry, you can still donate online at http://www.macmillan.org.uk/Donate/. To view images of the event, submitted by our stores nationwide, please visit this link.



At ScS, we care about the people and communities we work with, that’s why we’re pleased to announce that we will be supporting Macmillan Cancer Support’s Coffee Morning event on Friday 26th September 2014. We will be holding a coffee morning at our headquarters in Sunderland, as well as in each of our 97 stores.


At present, there are currently two million people suffering from cancer in the UK alone and each of these individuals has their own personal battle to fight. By 2030, this figure is predicted to rise by 50%, resulting in around four million extra people with cancer. The numbers are staggering and statistics have shown that as many as one in three of us will be diagnosed with this terrible disease.

That’s where Macmillan Cancer Support comes in. They provide, emotional, practical, medical and financial support to people dealing with some of the worst news they will ever receive. They’re constantly campaigning for a better cancer care system and are 100% committed to improving the lives of those affected. A Macmillan nurse is assigned to support the families of those who are sick and they can help with everything from advice to advocacy.


To put things into perspective, consider the following:

  • £25 pays for a Macmillan nurse to support a family for 1 hour
  • £138 is enough money to fund 3 hours of confidential support and information
  • £278 would keep a Macmillan information and support centre stocked up for a month
  • £370  is about how much it costs to pay for the hire of a room for a year so self-help and support groups can hold regular meetings

As you can see, cancer support and treatment is far from cheap and the costs go far beyond the initial treatment that the patient receives, there’s all of the support and counselling to consider. That’s why Macmillan relies on constant donations from the public and fundraising events such as the coffee morning we will be holding. Each of our 97 stores will host the event with all of the funds being donated to Macmillan.

So come along for a coffee, a slice of cake or just a chat and let’s show those who are suffering with cancer that they are not alone. To find your nearest ScS store, please click here.

If you can’t make it to our coffee morning, you can donate directly to Macmillan here.

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