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Decorate your home for Christmas

Traditionally Christmas decorations start appearing from the 1st December, as the festive season really starts to gather momentum ahead of the big day.

While a Christmas tree is to be expected, going that extra mile really does put you in the spirit of the season… just don’t get too carried away! Here are some simple tips on how to decorate your home this year:

Vintage Christmas décor

2017 is set to be a year of rustic and vintage trends, so why don’t you get started early and incorporate next year’s trends into your festive decorations? Charity shops and vintage outlets are great places to pick up old decorations, and if paired correctly, look great in your home.


Display your cards

Don’t just set them on your fireplace, mix it up a little. With the introduction of a simple piece of string and some clothes pegs, you can give your walls a festive look without too much work. If you want to go that little bit further, why don’t you pick up some decorative craft pegs?


Decorate your banister

With tinsel and artificial holly, decorating your banister could not be easier, and will really add to the Christmas feel of your home. If holly and tinsel doesn’t do it for you, you can get much more creative with your banister decorations, and add some bells and stockings.


Make your own candle holders

With minimal carving required, you can turn branches and small tree trunks into festive candle holders that look great around your home. For health and safety purposes, we recommend LED lights, rather than an open flame.


Gingerbread men

This one may not be ideal for pet owners, but for everyone else, the presence of gingerbread men will only add to your decorations. Quick and easy to make, they will stay fresh for weeks and add a warming scent to your home.


Once you’ve finished decorating, there’s only one thing to do – sprawl out on the sofa with a classic Christmas film!

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