Christmas Table Decoration.

Are you bored of using the same table decorations every year? Well don’t put if off until next year, this is the year to shake up your Christmas theme and get creative. Here are some top decorating tips to make your dining table fabulous this Christmas.

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1. Use a concise colour theme to avoid your table looking cluttered. Choosing a colour for your dining room table is very important. Matching your table decorations with the colour throughout your home can really create a super stylish look. Common Christmas colour themes are red, green, gold, silver and purple but don’t be afraid to be adventurous with your colour. Use a splash of orange, or blue to create an elegant and modern theme and remember the more you match the less cluttered your table will look.

2. Fill vases with decorations to create your very own homemade look for a lower cost. Filling vases with Christmas baubles is an easy way to dress up your table for very little money. All you need is some baubles and an old (or new) vase. Add a filled vase to your dining or coffee table to spread the festive feeling throughout your home. Don’t forget that with some imagination you can use this DIY creation throughout the whole year. You can use flowers, fruit, shells, coloured stones or wood chippings to create a fabulous focal point for any decoration.

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3.   Dress your chairs with ribbons and material to create that extra special look. Dressing your chairs is one of the most overlooked décor tips when it comes to Christmas. Dressing up your chairs with ribbon can instantly revitalise your dining room and transform even the most boring of dining chairs. Don’t just stop a Christmas; use this tip for birthdays, weddings, engagements and kids parties too.

4. Use a simple wreath to create a stunning centerpiece that all your guests will love. Adding a festive wreath to your dining table will give you a timeless look and that much needed burst of green in the cold winter months. You can buy one or make your own for a cheap Christmas decoration, and why not add fairy lights for an extra special glow.

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