It’s nearly time to head up to the dusty attic and bring down those Christmas decorations once again. It seems like only yesterday we were gathered around the Christmas tree on our sofas, handing out presents and spending quality time with our loved ones.

At ScS we are all about traditions, and there’s no better tradition than family tradition. However, we are all guilty of using the same decorations year after year as it can be hard to mix up your look.

This year however, we’ve taken a look at what the best Christmas 2018 trends are for your living room and how you can add that little bit extra to your home.

One of the main trends this year is to bring your home to life with lots of colour. Too much colour doesn’t exist with this trend and the more the better. Rainbow Christmas trees, multicoloured banners and brightly wrapped presents all stand out and will help get even the grumpiest of scrooges ready for this festive time.

For a more classic and luxurious feel for your home, try a combination of black and gold decorations. The gold really stands out and gives off a glitzy glam feel for your home. Golden lights are also an excellent alternative to cold white lights as they bring both warmth and colour to a room.

For those of us who like to be more in touch with nature at Christmas, then try a more rustic décor. This trend incorporates lots of raw woods and natural greens and really brings your room to life. To push this style further, try merging Christmas decorations with real plants, twigs and flowers to give a more natural Christmas feel to your home.

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