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Five Christmas cocktails you must try!

From mulled wine to gingerbread Manhattan’s, nothing quite says Christmas like a winter warmer.

Whether you want to experiment with mixology or want a fast, festive drink, our favourite Christmas cocktails and mocktails are guaranteed to get you in the festive spirit.

Mulled Wine

Is it really Christmas if you haven’t had a glass of mulled wine? This easy to make, delicious treat is quite simply an explosion Christmas in your mouth and is guaranteed to go down a treat during the festive season. One glass is probably enough though, the rich blend of herbs and spices may not sit too well if you overdo it! Read the full recipe for mulled wine here, or if you don’t fancy the alcoholic version, you could always try the equally delicious mulled apple juice.

Christmas cocktail recipes

Gingerbread Manhattan

Not the most common Christmas cocktail, but a true gem none the less. This festive delight is easy to make and is guaranteed to hit the sweet spot. Although the Gingerbread Manhattan is whiskey based cocktail it’s perfectly suited to non-whiskey drinkers alike, due to it’s sweet, syrupy mixture.

Based on the classic Manhattan cocktail, the gingerbread option can be shaken or stirred, and involves a simple recipe that even the most inexperienced mixologists can follow!

Christmas cocktail recipes

Christmas Negroni

The Negroni is a classic gin based Italian cocktail, that’s not for the faint hearted, but the Christmas Negroni is an infusion for Christmas spirit that may prove to be an all-round hit. To make this Christmas cocktail properly, a week of storage time is required, so if you’re having guests round, you may want to plan ahead. Read the full recipe here.

Christmas cocktail recipes


It’s just a fancy name for Bucks Fizz, isn’t it! With just two ingredients – orange juice and champagne – Mimosas could not be easier to make, but there’s no denying their delicious taste. To make these Christmas sensations, simply fill half a glass with champagne and top it up with fresh orange. Simple, right?!

Christmas cocktail recipes

Salted caramel rum hot chocolate

As far as winter warmers go, this one may be the icing on the cake. Hot chocolate is a year round favourite on a cold day, but throw in the warming glow of dark or spiced rum and a touch of salted caramel, and you’ve got a hot Christmas cocktail fit for a king! With a simple recipe that takes minutes to make, we’re sure this one will be an all round hit.

Christmas cocktail recipes

These delicious Christmas cocktails are all easy to make, but full of flavour – just be careful not to overdo it! For the perfect Christmas night in, why don’t you try one of these winter warmers on the sofa with a classic Christmas film?

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