Buying a new sofa is a major investment. There is nothing worse than falling in love with one, only to get it home and find it doesn’t fit. Finding the right size sofa may seem simple but they come in all shapes and sizes. Your perfect sofa is out there, so before you buy do your homework and ask yourself these four questions.

1. Will it fit?
So you’ve found your perfect sofa, measured your room and guess what? It fits! Your sofa arrives and the happy occasion turns sour when you realise there’s no way it’s going to get through your door. It’s important to consider the size of not only your living space but the size of your doorways. Measure, then measure again not just your front door but anywhere the sofa is going to need to fit through. Do you need to get it upstairs or down a tight hallway? Always check to see if any legs can be removed as this could give you the few extra inches you may need.

2. How will it be used and who will use it?
Do you want the sofa for occasional sitting or for lounging? Is comfort your main priority or style? You need to decide what it is you want from your sofa and weigh it accordingly when making your choice. It’s also important to know just who is going to use the sofa on a regular basis. There’s no point buying one two-seater sofa when there are four people living in your house, cue never ending arguments about who gets to sit where.

3. Where will it go?
Before you purchase your sofa, you need to settle on just where it is you want to put it and decide what shape will fit best. Perhaps you’re looking to use your sofa as a room divider or maybe you want it to sit under a window. For this you would need to check the height to ensure you’re not blocking the view. Is their other furniture in the room your sofa needs to work with? For those who enjoy rearranging their furniture, make sure to choose a versatile sofa the moves easily.

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