How to Choose an Affordable Sofa Bed

Choosing an affordable sofa bed could not be easier; at ScS we have a beautiful range, all designed with style and quality in mind.

Sofa beds are not just extremely useful places for your guests to sleep when you’ve run out of room, they can also be elegant pieces of furniture which radiate style and beauty within your home.

That’s why it’s absolutely essential that you not only choose an affordable sofa bed, but one which reflects your design tastes and preferences. And as it just so happens, we have some beautiful sofa beds, all available in a range of different styles and colours.

burbanksofaTake our Burbank 2 seater sofa bed for example.

This trendy sofa bed is a good all-rounder. It would look great in the kids’ rooms or even the front room because of its neutral colours and stylish appearance. Simply fold out and you have created a comfortable bed that your guests will love to sleep on.



If you’re looking for a strong sofa bed, then the Loft collection at ScS offers just that. With its extra sturdy wooden frame, this sofa is more suited to heavy use, making it ideal for children’s rooms and conservatories where guests may frequently sleep.



To view our range of stylish and affordable sofa beds, please click here.

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