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Entertainment 2020-12-10

The UK’s strangest Christmas traditions revealed

Every family has their own way of doing Christmas Day, but some have weird and wonderful traditions you’d never expect.

We surveyed the nation to find out some of the most popular traditions and revealed almost one in ten (9%) Brits will eat their Christmas dinner sat on the sofa, with nearly a fifth (18%) eating in front of the TV.

Entertainment 2019-04-09

Our favourite Easter traditions

Easter is fast approaching, and many of you will be debating how to spend your bank holiday weekend. With an unprecedented four day weekend, you want to make sure you spend the time wisely, and we’re here to offer you some advice.

Entertainment 2015-03-06

Iconic Sofas and Chairs in Television

Kitchens are often considered the heart of the home, where families and friends congregate together. But, our sofas are the place we spend a lot of free time; watching TV, catching up with loved ones and they can see us through many special occasions in our lives. Over the years sofas have become an inaugural part of sitcoms and shows, and we’ve rounded up some of the most famous sofas and chairs in television, which have gone on to become iconic pieces in popular culture.