There’s no easier way to transform a room by getting rid of your tired looking carpet and replacing it with something brand new. But, then comes the soul destroying moment – you spill something and panic you might have stained it forever. Just like celebrity gossip, there are so many ‘myths’ and ‘rumours’ about DIY carpet cleaning tricks; everyday items that can be used as stain removers and we’ve put them to the test so you don’t have to…

Baby Wipes

There’s nothing more annoying when you sit and make a cup of tea or coffee, go to your sofa and end up spilling it all over your carpet. Rumour has it that a good old baby wipe will do just the trick to remove excess stains – simply blot and the wipe will remove the stain, as well as soaking up any remaining liquid.


The Verdict: Although these handy wipes might seem like a quick fix, they’re probably best suited to your baby.

White Wine and Salt

An old wives tale says that if you spill red wine on your carpet, the first thing you should do is pour some white wine onto the stain, which sounds quite terrifying and a waste of alcohol… Pour some alcohol over the stain to dilute it and then blot it with a cloth and cold water. Finish off by sprinkling a helping of salt over the top and wait for 10 minutes before vacuuming up the excess.


The Verdict: In our opinion, this sounds like a waste of good wine and it’s better off in our glasses!


Who says you need expensive cleaning products to remove stains from carpets? A bottle of plain white vinegar will do the same job, apparently. With a strong PH level, vinegar is said to remove stains, as well as killing germs and bacteria. Pour vinegar onto the stain as soon as it happens, blot dry with a clean cloth and repeat if necessary until the stain is completely gone.

The Verdict: Unless you want your living room to have a strong scent of vinegar, we’d suggest sticking to old fashioned carpet cleaner.

Shaving Cream

Gone are the days of using shaving cream for its intended purpose of hair removal, it’s now being hailed as a carpet stain remover. Next time you get some grease or oil onto your carpet, head to your bathroom cupboard, instead of the kitchen. Blot the stain dry, pat it with a wet sponge then add a small helping of shaving foam, wiping away after a few minutes.


The Verdict: Shaving foam can damage fibres in your carpet and its best left to remove excess hair, not stains…


Tough stains like ink can be a nightmare to remove and WD40 is said to be a good, heavy duty stain remover. We know this is normally saved for sticking doors, but using a mixture of WD40 and warm soapy water is said to help remove tougher stains, without leaving behind any residue.


The Verdict: Unless you want your house to smell like a garage, it’s best suited to sticking doors rather than ink stains.

You’ve invested a lot of money in your new carpet, so don’t leave it to chance and trust internet myths – get the right carpet cleaning solution for a range of stains with our handy carpet kits. We are the carpet specialists, so if you need advice, our dedicated employees are here to help…

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