Bringing the Outdoors In.

Natural furnishings can cleverly create the feeling of the big outdoors and give your room a crisp, smooth and refreshing look. Your home is your haven and where you spend a lot of quality time so creating the perfectly peaceful pad should be at the top of your list this Spring. Our homes affect our lifestyle, mood, behavior and most importantly our health, so it’s key to create a place you can relax and enjoy. Here are some top tips on brightening up your space and how to bring the outdoors in this Spring.

Colour – Using natural and earthy colours can create the illusion of the beautiful outdoors. White, green, blue and beige provide the perfect backdrop for your room and are great colours to accessorise around. These colours are particularly great for hallways and kitchens and matched with the right amount of natural light, your room will imitate that of a bright spring day in no time.

blue bathroomgreen

Accessories – Accessories and outdoor prints are a great way of subtly creating the outdoor look, whether it’s a cushion, a piece of art, a lampshade or a rug. Abstract, floral and leafy designs are great for this look and add that much needed burst of colour. Textures and layering also works, but remember to keep it light and bright to achieve this look. Top Tip: Don’t be afraid to mix neutral colours with brighter prints or vice versa, as long as there is a consistent theme throughout your outdoor look will work.

rustic bedroomBurbank_Lifestyle_01

Rustic features – Wood features or wicker pieces and prints also work well when creating the feeling of the outdoors, as they create a rustic vibe in your home. Rustic woods and rural materials are great additions to your home and work best in small furnishings such as coffee tables, cabinets and flooring.

blue cabinet coffee table blog post

Plants – Using greenery and bright flowers is the best way to showcase your outdoor look, whether they are real or fake, plants will make a big difference to the look and feel of your home. You can get creative with centerpiece and table displays, changing the colours to suit your mood, season or style. As well as being brilliantly beautiful, your home will smell good too!

flowers plants purple plants wicker

Your finds – Shells, rocks, wood and nifty finds are great for adding that personal outdoor touch to your haven. Bring in all your nature finds, wash them up and display your pieces throughout every room. Shells work well in kitchens or bathrooms and old wood finds can be used in just about any room in the house.

It’s time to get out of Winter and step into Spring!




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