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Bringing the Outdoors In

Think of autumn and you’ll think of the leaves falling, the bronze and golden colours of nature and the crisp dark evenings. This makes it a great season to show off the natural trend which has grown in popularity this year.

It has long been accepted that the spaces around us can have a significant impact on our mental health and our overall outlook on life. Bring the outdoors in and allow your mind to relax with subtle tones of the natural world. We’ll show you how.

Colours and Patterns

Plants and natural landscapes are dominated by clean, neutral colours such as greens, browns and earthy tones. Combining earthy tones with deep-reddish browns and bronze colours is a great way to reflect the current season when adopting this particular trend.shutterstock_113386852

You may just want to go for the average natural look, in which case you will find yourself combining leafy greens with ocean blues and earth browns. These colours will help to establish a natural feel in your room.

As well as the use of neutral earthy colours, we also predict that this season will see the return of patterns and patterned wallpapers. Tartan, for example, has seen a huge increase in popularity of the past couple of years. Sofa cushions and curtains are likely to share similar, dazzling patterns which bring a sense of character and personality to your rooms, whilst also serving to create a natural ambience.
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Of course, what ornaments you choose to decorate your home with will ultimately reflect on the style of trend you have chosen to use, but don’t feel too limited by this and have a go at trying different things out. As mentioned, one of the key themes this year is tartan. This opens up an array of opportunities for you to use the material if you so wish; you could feature it on curtains, cushions and artwork too. ip[]i[]iop[]op[]po[]o[p]

There are many small modifications and changes you can introduce to your rooms. To create a natural vibe, use natural materials. This could be symbolised by featuring a small rock garden, a collection of rocks from your garden which reflect the natural world and these could be positioned on a mantel piece or on top of a sideboard. Many indoor plants can also be used to highlight the natural feel, they provide bold colours and refreshing scents.

Sticking to the natural theme, you could consider adding various antlers and taxidermy pieces because this too helps to reflect the natural world and also the wildlife that’s potentially surrounding you.

Furniture and Flooring

The great thing about this design trend is that it is very flexible and can be interpreted in different ways. That leaves plenty of room for you to decide what type of furniture you want to feature in your natural heaven.

shutterstock_211064698Using rich woods when considering furniture is another good way to reflect the outdoor world. In addition, possibly one of the most important things you can do is to have large windows which let in lots of natural light. Allowing so much more light into your room will remove a sense of artificiality and the need for unnatural lighting. At ScS, we sell a wide range of high quality laminate and wood flooring:

In relation to seating, both fabric and leather sofas can be used, but it is ultimately up to you and what sofa you purchase will be dictated by what is in the rest of your room. If you have stuck to neutral colours, in line with a natural theme, there are several sofas which we think you’ll love.



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View our Pinterest board to view some examples of how people have adopted this interior design trend: http://bit.ly/1vLIJe2

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