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Bedroom Colour Schemes

Bedroom Colour Schemes.


Perfect for creating a calming and peaceful space, this welcoming scheme is ideal for bedrooms with poor natural light. However, an all-white bedroom can often look unfinished and lack warmth. You could think about using off-whites or creams which will add a slight warmth to the room. The best way to prevent the room from feeling stark is by adding pops of colour or patterns through the room. This could be a decorative piece of art or a floral bedspread which will help break up the white.


Blue is on trend this season and with its myriad of shades it is clear to see why. Cooler blue shades encourage calmness which is perfect for the bedroom while warm blues help a room feel cosier. Blue works well with white as it creates a relaxing coastal theme. Use a subtle blue and white striped wallpaper on your feature wall, and finish with crisp white bed linen accented with deep navy cushions and a throw for the perfect blue colour scheme.

Bold Colours

You can brighten up your bedroom in an instant by using bright and bold colours but be careful, too much and your relaxing space can be overpowered. If you choose to use a bold colour on your walls, try keeping it limited to a feature wall preferably behind the bed and choose a softer hue for the rest of the room. Bold colours are excellent for accessorising. Try adding some vibrant red scatter cushions or a vivid orange throw which have the added bonus of being interchangeable when you fancy something different.

Dark Colours

Dark colours, especially on walls, are usually a no-no in the bedroom. It can often make a room look smaller so it is still best to avoid this colour scheme if you don’t have much space to play with. In larger bedrooms if you choose to use dark colours on your walls try to keep everything else, such as furniture and accessories, light coloured. This will balance out the room and the dark walls will make the rest of the room stand out.

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