With summer looking like its well and truly on its way out, its time to start thinking about preparing our homes for the crisp and cool Autumn evenings which are heading straight our way. See below for or top tips for keeping your home as cosy as possible.

Load up on Layers

Layers, layers and more layers. With this tip you really can’t go wrong. With plenty of blankets, throws, chunky knitted cushions and fluffy rugs, your home will be more than ready for endless snuggle sessions on the sofa in front of the tv with a box set and takeaway.

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Bring Back the Black

With black accessories being a big thing last year, this year black furniture is making an appearance. Whether it be a small black chair in the corner of the room, to a black 3-seater as your main centre piece, don’t be afraid to bring black into your home this Autumn to really stand out from the crowd.

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Glow with Gold

Add some glitter and glam to your home with golden or other metallic finishes. Not only will the eye-catching metals catch the light and stand out in your home, but especially by using unusual shapes, this will make them stand out even more.

Deep and Dark Colours

Utilising lots of deep and dark colours such as a soothing deep green or a warming navy will really set the mood this Autumn for those warm and cosy nights. Using a deep green or blue sofa as your centre piece in your home will really stand out and give a warm and welcoming impression as soon as you walk through your living room door.

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