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Guides & Help 2017-11-24

Give your guests a good night’s sleep with a sofa bed from ScS

As the festive season approaches, unexpected guests become more prevalent, and extra bed space is a much desired commodity.

Airbeds, futons and sofas can work a last resort, but they won’t offer the same levels of comfort of our stylish sofa beds. To help you get started, our experts are here with some practical hints and tips:

  1. Measure your living room

Don’t just measure the room the sofa will take up in its standard form, measure how much room it will use when the mattress is unfolded. Our sofa beds come with thick, pocket sprung mattresses designed for comfort, and it’s vital that they can be unfolded properly. Along with this, take into account the amount of space required around the sofa bed when it is unfolded – people need to be able to get in and out of bed with ease, and not having to climb over a partner in the middle of the night!

  1. What shape should you choose?

Once you’ve measured your room, and worked out the amount of space available, it’s time to decide on the shape and size. At ScS, we offer a variety of large and small corner , 2 seaters and 3 seaters sofa beds in both fabric and leather options.

Corner sofas are great for maximising floor space, and seating a number of people at once, while 2 seaters are an ideal option for a flat, where a more compact sofa bed is required. For more information, read our sofa buying guide, which will provide you with all the information you need.

  1. Fabric or leather sofa bed?

Do you live in a busy home? Do you have small children? Do you have pets? These are the questions you must ask yourself before deciding on whether you want a fabric or leather sofa bed. While leather is perfect for homes with young kids, it may not be ideal if you let your pets jump up on your sofa, as their nails can catch and tear the leather.

  1. Standard or scatter back?

If you’ve decided on a fabric sofa bed, the next big question is: standard back or scatter back? Standard backed sofa beds are great for adding extra support, with their fixed, high back cushions, making them ideal for people suffering from back pain. Scatter back sofas are softer by design, but are available in a much wider variety of colours and styles, making them ideal for giving your living room a modern edge.

  1. Do I want my guests to have a comfortable night’s sleep?

Yes? Then, we’ve got plenty of options to choose from! Our stylish sofa beds don’t just look great as a sofa; they also come complete with an easy to unfold, thick pocket sprung mattress that is guaranteed to give your guests the comfort they crave. And, with up to four years interest free credit available on all sofa beds, your new sofa bed doesn’t have to break the bank!

Guides & Help 2017-07-18

Turn your living room into a relaxing retreat

Brits love nothing more than relaxing on the sofa with a nice cuppa, but have you ever thought about how your living room layout can affect your relaxation?

Some 80%[1] of Brits believe the tidiness of their home impacts stress levels, but it’s not a just a tidy house that can make us feel more zen.

We’ve spoken to feng shui fanatics Wu Wei Wisdom about the importance of living room layout and how to make your sofa the perfect place to relax.

Here are Wu Wei Wisdom’s top tips to make your living room the ultimate relaxing retreat:

Bring nature into the living room

You should arrange your furniture so that it allows plenty of natural light to enter the space. Position your sofa so you can enjoy a great view out over any greenery and enjoy the changing seasons, or use a few carefully chosen houseplants with soft leaves to bring nature into your living room.

Stress free sofa

Positive flow of energy

Feng shui is the flow of Qi (chi) energy around the home, so it is important to ensure the flow is smooth and harmonious. Qi enters your living room at the doorway, so make sure your sofa and other items of furniture are not blocking the flow by being positioned too close to the door.

Make your living room a relaxing place

By choosing a sofa that is inviting and encourages you to rest, you can make your living room a special place for relaxation. The colours you pick for your walls, furniture and fabrics, will also affect your Qi energy levels. Soft and muted creams, blues, greens, greys, pinks or lilacs particularly bring about calm.


Get mindful on your sofa

You’ll be amazed how much your levels of stress can improve by taking five to 10 minutes a day to practice mindfulness meditation. Sitting comfortably on the sofa can be the perfect place to practice this. Simply close your eyes and focus your attention on your breath, then begin to gently relax every part of your body, from the top of your head to your toes.

Interested in finding out more about feng shui and the flow of energy in your home? Visit

[1] Survey of 1,018 UK residents in June 2017

Guides & Help 2017-07-13

Keep wooden and laminate flooring looking better for longer

Laminate and wood flooring are stylish and durable flooring options that are highly resistant to wear and tear, and much easier to clean than many other types of flooring. To make sure your new flooring stays looking its very best; we advise following these simple steps:

It starts at installation

After your laminate or wood flooring has been fitted in your home, we’d recommend waiting at least 48 hours before mopping your floor. This will allow your floor to ‘settle’, and for any adhesive that we’ve used to fit your floor to dry thoroughly.

Don’t over soak it

Whenever you clean your laminate or wood flooring, be careful not to use too much water. Excessive water can seep into the joins between the floorboards, causing damage which can build up over the years and result in you having to replace your flooring sooner than you’d hoped. Regular vacuuming, followed by a ‘once-over’ with a damp mop will keep your laminate or wood flooring perfectly clean and looking great.

Keep your laminate flooring looking better for longer

Look out for spills

Make sure you wipe up and treat spills on your flooring, especially liquids, as soon as they happen. As we’ve already mentioned, excessive liquid can damage the floor’s surface and cause further problems in the long-term by seeping down between the joins. Use a paper towel or a clean, dry cloth to gently soak up the moisture, or dampen it slightly to remove tougher spills. Leaving spills for too long can cause permanent staining and affect the beautiful appearance of your flooring.

Keep your laminate flooring looking better for longer

Use recommended cleaning products only

We recommend that you only use cleaning products that are made specifically for cleaning, treating and maintaining laminate and wood flooring. Regular waxes, bleach, strong solvents and abrasive polishes shouldn’t be used as they can damage your floor’s surface. When using a recommended floor cleaning product, make sure that you dry your floor thoroughly to remove any residue from the surface.

Protect your floors

To protect your flooring from furniture damage, we recommend using floor protectors underneath furniture legs and wheels to prevent scratching and avoid leaving indentations in your floor. Mats or rugs will help to trap dirt and stop it from spreading over your floor on the areas of your floor that get the most traffic such as doorways. For your safety, we would also recommend using anti-slip underlay beneath mats and rugs when using them on laminate or wood flooring, to stop them from slipping around when stepped on.

ScS Commercial Manager, Farren Murphy said: ‘’It is vital that your chosen flooring product is cared for in the correct way using the correct cleaning products. Regular maintenance such as hoovering and mopping from the start, this gives your product the best chance of looking great and performing well for longer.’’

Guides & Help 2017-07-10

Maximise space in your home

Whether you live in a studio flat or a four bed house, space is a much desired commodity. If you’re struggling to make space in your home; don’t worry, our interior design experts are here with some simple decorating solutions to help you to maximise the space you have.

Sofa beds

Forget the horrific 90s futons, we’re talking about stylish sofa designs like this Cleveland Sofa Bed. The Cleveland sofa collection is the ultimate range for practicality, combining stylish sofas and beds with whilst providing a very contemporary look.

Give your guests a good night’s sleep with a sofa bed from ScS

 Stylish storage units

Think coffee tables with a drawer to store TV controllers, sideboards or footstools with built in storage. Adding furniture with built in storage can help you keep your home tidier, and reduce the build-up of clutter.

Make books and records a feature

Don’t just hide them away to accumulate dust – books and records can make an eye catching feature provided you get the right bookshelf to store them in. Our Oak Lounge open shelf unit is crafted from solid oak, the timber is seasoned (kiln dried), the natural oak finish sanded smooth, and the chocko finish sanded to leave a more open grain. This sleek, stylish design is the perfect solution for storing records and books in your home.

See through furnishings, mirrors and ceiling to floor curtains

See through furnishings and mirrors have been used by interior designers for years to trick the eye into believing a room is larger and more spacious than it actually is. Floor to ceiling curtains provide a similar effect, making the ceilings seem higher, thus making the room more spacious in the process.

Maximise space in your home

Bold, patterned wallpaper

Making a feature of your walls with bold, patterned wallpaper can add depth to your room and create the illusion of more space. Be careful not to go overboard with standout wallpaper, as to much can work against you – perhaps start with a feature wall.

These decorating tips will help transform your home and allow you to maximise space. If you feel like starting today, why don’t you take advantage of up to 4 years free credit, 0% APR representative on all purchases over £310?

Guides & Help 2017-06-29

Our top tips for cleaning your sofa

We have carried out research to find out exactly what Brits are losing down the back of their sofas every day, and we’re encouraging people to spring into action and discover what’s hidden in their couch.

The study found that three quarters of Brits have found money in their sofa while cleaning, with more than £3 million hidden down the back of the nation’s sofas. Aside from cash, the most common items Brits have found when cleaning their sofas include uneaten food (27%), car keys (21%), glasses (18%), lost bankcards (15%), and even underwear (8%). Looking at some of the more obscure items found in our sofas, respondents admitted to discovering old chewing gum, scissors, dog chews, a condom and even a couple of mice!

Simon Nicholson, Furniture Buying Director at ScS, said: “According to our research, nearly eight out of 10 (76%) UK adults clean their sofa less than once a month on average, which means there will be plenty of sofas around the country in need of some TLC.

Cleaning your sofa

“With the likes of uneaten food and dirty underwear festering in our nation’s sofas, we recommend regularly cleaning and sprucing up your sofa to keep it looking at its best. Here are my tips to help keep your sofa looking new for longer:

Plump up your sofa cushions

“Simply plumping up your cushions and dressing your sofa regularly can make a huge difference to its appearance and longevity, and only takes a couple of minutes to do.”

Vacuum your sofa

Cleaning your sofa

“Gently vacuuming your sofa just once a week will remove any dirt, dust, and crumbs, which collect over time and can lead to dulling of the fabric, particularly the front of the arms.”

Avoid direct sunlight

“Turning your cushions around and ensuring your sofa is kept out of direct sunlight, and away from heaters and radiators, will help keep your sofa’s colour consistent, especially fabric sofas.”

Avoid abrasive cleaning products

“Silicone polishes, detergents and other abrasive cleaning products should be avoided when cleaning your sofa. Spillages should be blotted as quickly as possible, ideally with a clean, dry white cloth. We also have a range of specialist cleaning kits available which can help with tackling specific spillages and liquid stains.”

Snags and decorative detailing

“Take extra care with shoes, belt buckles and jewellery on sofas with decorative detailing such as fringing or tassels, and especially with delicate fabrics.”

For more information about caring for your sofa, click here.