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Artificial Grass at ScS

The perfect lawn all year round.

Now you can have a green lawn all year round.

We are so pleased to announce the introduction of artificial grass to our impressive product offering.

Made with mainly synthetic materials, there are a number of benefits to artificial grass as opposed to its natural alternative. We’ll take a look at some of the key benefits in this post.

Why go artificial? 

With so many types to choose from, available in a range of different pile lengths, artificial grass is a great low-maintenance way to enjoy the perfect lawn, every day.

Since it’s creation, technology has allowed for huge advancements in artificial grass, with it’s texture and feel being improved to provide a soft sensation like that of grass.

As well as being relatively low maintenance, artificial grass is a great option for those living areas where water is scarce, or where there may be hosepipe bans in force.


  • No cutting involved
  • No need to weed the lawn
  • A variety of styles and designs are available
  • A green lawn all year round
  • No mud, so no muddy footprints in the house


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