As mentioned in previous blog posts, one of the trends for 2014 is expected to focus on nature and bringing the outdoors inside, meaning African interior design is likely to see a surge in popularity over the coming months.  That’s why we’ve put this blog together, so that you can understand what African interior design is all about and how you can transform your home into a paradise for the rest of the year.

Before we begin, it is very important that we are able to understand what African culture is all about. There are many cultural values observed in Africa, such a sense of community life, a sense of sacredness in life and a sense of hospitality. To achieve the best possible outcome for your African-themed home, you need to be able to reflect these core values with how you choose to decorate.


First of all, let’s talk about colour schemes. African themed interior design tends to use natural colours.An African sunset Imagine an African sunset; the sandy orange, the brown soil, the magnificent yellows and bright greens. These are the colours that you will need to use if you are going to create that true, authentic, African feel. Many people also choose to include a bold red, representing natural imagery such as sunrays and a sunset. Above all, for your colour scheme, it is best to go for earth-tones which reflect the natural world.


To fill your room with personality and an African theme, it is important to decorate the area with a few artefacts, such as models, masks, historical items and perhaps even a stuffed animal. In addition to this, you might like to add some earthware, so that’s pottery or ornaments made from natural resources such as wood and canvas. These will help to create the natural feel in your room. African vase

However, don’t stop there. There is a whole range of artwork that you may want to add to your room to really enhance the theme and make for a convincing African retreat. You could display anything from prints of an African sunset over vast plains, or you could feature wildlife photography; think giraffes, rhinos and more of the types of animals native to this fantastic continent.

You may also choose to include a rug, which is a great way of continuing to develop the undertones of African culture whilst also introducing warmth into areas where it is usually cold, such as on wooden or tiled flooring.


Your African retreat will draw its character and personality from the types of furniture that you decide to include in your room. That is why it is crucial you select the right styles in order to best reflect and represent in the best in African culture.afr

Wood has a key part to play when it comes to selecting your furniture as this is likely to be the most prevalent material that you come across. For example, a wooden coffee table, made from jarrah timber is an excellent way to bring a slice of African history into your home (jarrah wood was used to build railroads at the turn of the 19th century).

When considering wash basins for your bathroom, try to go for a more traditional rounded/circular style, made from materials such as marble or choose a material like ceramic. This will help you keep up the African theme throughout your home and it is important to keep things consistent or your home could appear to be very random and not following any kind of colour scheme or design.

We hope you have fun re-decorating your house and should you need any inspiration, please feel free to follow our African Home Interiors Pinterest board

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