The 90s may have given us the gift of Brit Pop, but it also delivered some pretty horrendous interior design trends, many of which we hope will never come back.

From inflatable furniture to carpeted bathrooms, here are our top five 90s interior design nightmares:

Inflatable furniture may come in handy when you’re camping or at a festival, but in your home… Really? It didn’t look good, it wasn’t comfortable and it didn’t take long for it to burst, but it was cheap and made for lots of fun!

Inflatable furniture Inflatable chair

Carpeted bathrooms… where do we start?! It may be a nice treat for your feet after stepping out of the shower, but the aesthetics and practical issues surrounding carpeted bathrooms must surely outweigh the two seconds of snugness your feet receive in the morning!

Carpet rug 51ee4f00-8007-0132-1d93-0a2c89e5f2f5

In a decade that saw minimalism take over interior trends, sponge painted walls or rag rolling went slightly against the grain. Sponge painting is a fun activity to do with your little ones on a rainy day, but to consciously design your home around it – We’re sorry, but it’s a no from us!

Sponge painted walls Rag rolling

In 2016 block coloured walls or fully papered walls seem perfectly adequate, but not in the 90s. In the 90s, no wall was complete without a wallpaper border decorating every room in the house to break up the block colour underneath.

wallpaper-boarder Wallpaper border

We’ve saved the best for last – plastic sofa covers! When choosing your new sofa, the two main factors you are likely to consider are the design and the comfort. So, why, after spending time searching for the perfect sofa, would you put a plastic cover on your sofa that lowered comfort levels and removed any ounce of style the sofa once had?!

Plastic sofa covers Dog cover

Thankfully all of these trends have been and gone (hopefully forever), and 2016’s interior designs have taken a much more tasteful approach. If your home still contains some of these, it may be time to browse our wide range of sofas, carpets and occasional furniture here.

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