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50 Shades of ScS Flooring

50 Shades of ScS Flooring

Here at ScS, we sell a lot more than 50 shades of flooring so you can be sure to find a shade that’s suitable for your own interior design. Whether it be the carpet in your bedroom or the laminate in your kitchen, floors are an essential part of the interior design of your home. They help to create an atmosphere, set the tone and make a significant contribution to your interior design style.

There are a few options when it comes to selecting flooring in your home; you can either start with an idea in mind of a trend you wish to adopt, in which case you’ll select the flooring to match that, or alternatively you could start with the flooring and build your home around it.

We’ll take a look at some of the current trends and ways in which you can use flooring to help you achieve the desired look.

Minimalist interior design is just that, minimal. The trend focuses on simplicity and the idea that there is no need for numerous decorative pieces, but instead neutral colours and a needs-must approach to interior design. With this in mind, minimalism should not be taken as an easy feat to accomplish. The ‘less is more’ philosophy is a surprisingly difficult one to adopt because you first need to have a huge clear out of your home.

Minimalist flooring often comes in the form of tiles, concrete or wood as these are natural materials, free of patterns and distractions. An ideal choice to complement this interior design would be from our Platinum XL Stone or Platinum Endurance.

Platinum XL Stone platendurance

Deep Blue

Pantone’s colour of the year may be Marsala, but this trend, as defined by the name, is centred around using deep and rich blueishshutterstock_112255040 hues throughout your home to create a relaxing environment. The colour helps to create an intimate feel within your home, reflecting the colours of the oceans. A light shaded of flooring will help to emphasise the blue that you choose to use around your home. Alternatively, a darker flooring will make way for lighter blue walls. At ScS, we sell a range of flooring which would suit the trend well. We recommend our Bronze Clic 6 as this is light enough in colour to properly complement the style. We also recommend our stylish Supergloss Extra Sensitive range and this will also work well.


Country Chic

Country Chic is an interior design trend whichcountrychic still remains popular. The look is more rustic than refined and the aim is to represent English countryside and its culture; the colours, patterns and shades which are unique to it. The decor is often worn, with pre-loved furniture items. Like the minimalist design, country chic only includes necessary items, reflecting how life once was for our pioneer ancestors. To best accommodate the style in your own home, we recommend our Rustic Berber carpet range.

rustic berberbrushed and oiled

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