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35% of Brits sleep on the sofa at least one a week

According to a nationwide study, more than a third (35%) of Brits sleep on the sofa at least once a week, with one in ten admitting to spending every night there.

Our research was carried out to discover how frequently Brits find themselves spending the night on the sofa and to work out why so many find themselves kicked out of bed.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, it’s women who manage to hold on to their territory come bedtime, with twice as many men than women claiming that their partner makes them sleep on the sofa.

When it comes to relationships, it seems the longer we’re together, the more likely we are to get booted out of the bedroom. Almost one in seven (14%) married couples involved in the study admitted that they sleep on the sofa every night, compared to just 5% of those who are newly engaged.

While illness ranked as the most common reason for Brits to sleep on the sofa (27%), other people blamed their snoring, pregnancy and even a sick pet.

The top five reasons for a woman to make her partner sleep on the sofa are:

  • If her partner was unwell (20%)
  • If her partner was snoring (17%)
  • After an argument (16%)
  •  If she was unwell (15%)
  • If her partner was drunk (14%)

Byron Holt, a sales assistant from Manchester, has been with his girlfriend seven years. He is regularly made to sleep on the sofa as a result of his bad bedtime habits.

He said: “My girlfriend has always been a light sleeper, it’s difficult for her getting a decent night’s sleep when I’m in the bed. I talk, snore and fidget a lot during the night so it’s an absolute nightmare for her. I tend to sleep on the sofa once or twice a week so that she can get enough sleep when working early.

“As a result I seem to spend more time on the sofa than I do in my bed. We’re saving up to get a new one as ours is pretty old now and it’s the most important piece of furniture we own!”

One user admitted that they sleep on the sofa as they don’t want their partner to know when they’ve been drinking while another confessed to faking an illness to get their boyfriend out of bed.

Kevin Royal, Managing Director at ScS, said: “We know that the sofa is one of the most loved pieces of furniture in the home and wanted to see just how many people use theirs to sleep on, as well as sit and relax!

“It’s interesting to see just how many people make their partners sleep on the sofa in order for them to get a better night’s sleep. For those who aren’t lucky enough to have a second bedroom, the sofa often acts as the next best thing, so we would encourage people to buy the best and comfiest sofa they can!”

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