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May 2017

ScS News 2017-05-24

Seaham Coast U7s football team kick off with support from ScS

ScS has donated £1,000 towards the Seaham Coast Football Club, allowing the U7s squad to develop into a full team and become a member of the Durham County Football Association. The club has also signed up Lee French, Senior Business Reporting Analyst at ScS, to manage the team.

The club approached Lee to coach the youngsters as his son currently plays on the team along with ScS’s CFO Chris Muir’s son. Wanting to take on the challenge of building and developing a football team, Lee accepted the position.

Seaham Coast Football Club has teams ranging from under 7s right through to under 18s and began 10 years ago. Quickly becoming popular in the region, the club has over 150 children registered to its teams who each compete in leagues across the North East.

Lee French, Senior Business Reporting Analyst at ScS, says: “The biggest challenge, even for a grass roots under 7s football team, is the red tape. Costs such as insurance, purchasing strips, coats for the kids, organising and paying for training facilities, league fees, pitch fees and referees fees can all add up especially when combined with the cost of training equipment like bibs, balls and cones.

“I quickly realised that, just to get the under 7s team started, I was going to need in excess of £1,000 so I approached ScS for support and funding.  Kevin Royal, ScS MD and his wife Ann, agreed to support the cause and without their generosity we wouldn’t have been able to get the team to where it is today.  We have been able to purchase all necessary items and the team has been given a great start to their footballing career!

“The great side of coaching the team is seeing the kids progress, develop and play the game they love. We have recently joined the Russell Foster Tyne & Wear Youth League which is excellently run and we now play our games at a pitch that has brilliant facilities.”

Seaham Coast U7s

Seaham Coast U7s football team with coach Lee French, Senior Business Reporting Analyst at ScS

Lindsey Duncton, Marketing Manager at ScS, said: “ScS is incredibly proud to support the U7s team at Seaham Coast Football Club. It’s great to support a local cause that is encouraging young children to be passionate about sport.

“It’s also great that Lee has been signed by the team to help coach the young squad. He will be able to develop the skills of the team which will hopefully lead to league success.”

Guides & Help 2017-05-17

Carpet, laminate or vinyl – what type of flooring should you choose?

Flooring is always a subject for debate when it comes to decorating your home. Everyone has their view on what looks best, but it’s important to take your lifestyle into account before making a decision.

We’ve looked into the plus points of all three flooring styles, so you can decide which type of flooring is best suited to your home:


If you want to add a warm, cosy feel to your home, carpet is the ideal option as it is designed the retain heat within the home. Carpets come in a number of different styles and designs, with different types suited to different areas of the home.

For halls and stairs that see high areas of traffic, we recommend hardwearing striped or patterned carpets were dirt and dust is less visible. Bedrooms generally have the lowest traffic within the home, meaning you can opt for a softer carpet with a plush pile that will be a treat on your feet on a cold winter morning.

When buying a carpet, don’t forget to pick your underlay. The higher the quality of the underlay, the more cushioned your carpet will feel on your feet, and the longer your carpet will last. All of our carpets come with free First Step Underlay, or if you’d like the upgrade to a thinker underlay, we will deduct the difference.

Carpets, laminate or vinyl flooring?

Laminate flooring

Laminate flooring is incredibly popular in homes all over the UK due to its low maintenance, modern look and affordable price tag. For busy family homes, the easy to clean factor makes laminate flooring an ideal choice as dirt and dust are less obvious, and anything that does build up can be cleaned with a brush, mop or steam mop.

Laminate flooring also provides a durable feel, and is very slow to fade in sunlight, making it ideal for high traffic areas of the home such as halls and living rooms.

From an aesthetic point, laminate flooring will add a sleek modern look to your home and is extremely adaptable if you decide to redecorate.

Carpets, laminate or vinyl flooring?

Vinyl flooring

Vinyl flooring is an extremely affordable alternative to tiles, and can most commonly be found in kitchens, bathrooms and utility rooms.

With a durable design, vinyl flooring lends itself to high footfall areas of the home, and its easy clean surface make spills easy to wipe off. Like laminate flooring, vinyl is easy to clean by brushing, mopping or steam mopping.

Additionally, vinyl is quick and easy to install, and has a comfortable underfoot which reduces noise. Both of these aspects can be very important to families who want minimal disruption when redecorating and less noise when the kids are running around.

Carpets, laminate or vinyl flooring?