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ScS News 2014-06-12

Show us your #SofaCelebrations to win

With the world’s biggest and best football tournament now underway, we are on the edge of our sofas at ScS HQ in anticipation of some breathtakingly beautiful goals.

Even though we‘re not lucky enough to be at the heart of the action in Brazil, we’ll still be sat watching all the games and celebrating each goal in front of our TVs. And we want you to join us!

Here’s how.

There’s nothing better than sharing a moment of pure joy with friends and family when your country scores, and we think this deserves to be marked with a fitting celebratory gesture. So, whether you are a fist pumper, knee slider, or crowd pleaser, show us the best goal celebration you can do on your sofa.

Post a photo or video of your celebration on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or Vine accompanied by the hashtag #SofaCelebrations and you will be in with a chance of winning one of the following prizes:

  • La-Z-Boy sofa and chair set worth over £3,000
  • Victor sofa
  • Big screen Samsung TV
  • Game of Bubble Football for up to 14 players from Bubble Boys
  • Two tickets for Alton Towers Theme Park
  • Mighty Bean Bag
  • New BBQ for the summer

To get your creative juices going, here is how the team at ScS will be celebrating this summer:


Think you can do better? Our #SofaCelebrations competition closes shortly after 2014’s World Cup Winners have been crowned on 13th July. So, whether it’s a simple choreographed pose or a detailed re-enactment of an iconic goal, it is definitely worth getting involved.

It’s time to show that even if we are amateurs at football, we are certainly experts when it comes to celebrating!

For further information on entry requirements and prize details, please take a look at our full terms and conditions here.

Guides & Help 2014-05-28

Choosing the Right Material – Leather or Fabric?

Choosing the right material – leather or fabric? For some this will be an easy decision, for others, not so easy. Sofa shopping can become quite problematic if you are not entirely sure what it is that you are looking for. There are thousands of varieties and brands to choose from – plastic, fabric, leather, corner sofas, sofa-beds, three piece sofas and more.

However, for this post we will focus on only fabric and leather; if you need some inspiration or are just unsure, continue reading this guide and we will tell you the best features of having either a fabric or leather sofa.

Why Choose Leather

Leather is a great material; it’s easy to clean, it looks modern and luxurious and best of all, it gets better with age. All it takes is a damp cloth to wipe over leather in order to remove any build-up of dirt which can cause fabric wear and dulling of the colours. Maintaining your leather sofa is crucial to maximise its lifespan and increase the strength of the material.

There are several varieties of leather to choose from, each with their own unique points. For example, the most premium leather available is ‘Italian full grain’ or ‘top grain’. Top grain means that the layers of the hide are used to make the leather and this increases the lifespan and durability of it. Although this leather is the most expensive, it is also of the highest quality.

Another type of leather which is common in household furniture is called ‘aniline leather’ and this is the most natural looking out of all the leather types. Similarly, as the name suggests, ‘semi-aniline leather’ maintains its natural look, but has more durability. The durability of semi-aniline leather is due to a thin layer of pigment that is applied to the top of the leather which helps to ensure consistent colours and also brings with it some stain resistance.

Faux leather is sometimes used as a cheaper alternative to natural leather; however, it can still look as natural as the real thing. This type of material tends to last longer and has improved durability.

Leather is quite versatile as it can be added to any room to instantly give a modern feel and there are a variety of types of leather, depending on your own personal circumstances and needs. Leather is often picked above fabric for households with pets and babies as they are much easier to clean. Of course, to prolong the life of your sofa, we recommend you use ScS recommended cleaning products.

 Why Choose Fabric

Just like with leather, there are a wide variety of fabric materials to choose from when it comes to your sofa. What type of fabric you choose will depend on your personal preferences and taste, as well as how you intend to use the furniture. Some fabrics are more durable than others and this might be more appropriate for a household with pets and small children where stains and accidents are likely, should leather not be an option for you.


Recently, microfibre has soared in popularity due to its very soft feel, almost velvety to the touch. The polyester fibres contained within this fabric promote durability, yet at the same time provide lots of comfort. Although this type of fabric is not as easy to clean as leather, it does allow for a quick response time, should anything be spilt.

Microfibre is a popular choice too for those who suffer with allergies. This is because the fibres are so closely woven that it does not allow much opportunity for the build of dust and allergens.

Blend of Polyester and Cotton

A mix or polyester and cotton as a sofa fabric are a popular choice for families and extended families. The synthetic polyester material is used as it strengthens and protects the fabric in order to minimise wrinkling and fading. This makes it an ideal choice for a high-traffic household. The cotton is added to the mix as it provides extra comfort and makes the sofa more visually pleasing.  This is a good choice all round for a sofa, due to its cost-effectiveness and high durability. It should be able to withstand time in a busy family household with limited wear and tear.

Cotton Fabric

Cotton is one of the most (if not the most) popular fabrics in the world. It is highly prevalent in a range of industries such as clothing and home design. The material comes from the seedpod of the cotton plant and it is popular because of its soft and comfortable touch.

Cotton is relatively easy to clean and the material breathes in hot weather, absorbing body perspiration which it later expels though evaporation. During colder months, cotton retains body heat adding to its comfortability.

Textured cotton sofas are as the name suggests. The cotton is textured, adding to the visual appeal of the sofa. Sofas of this variety are not ideal for heavy use because worn patches may show up more quickly on textured sofas. They are also more prone to attracting and retaining dust. Textured cotton sofas are used more as show-pieces, rather than everyday sofas as they are not suitable for heavy use.

Vinyl Sofas

Vinyl is a synthetic material and is similar in its appearance to leather. It is often used as a sofa covering because it is protective due to its durable nature. Wear of this fabric is very slow and barely noticeable and it is also very easy to clean. This makes vinyl sofas suitable for children’s bedrooms or any areas where they will experience lots of use.

ScS offer a fabric care kit for just £30.

Leather or Fabric – Which is Right for You?

Before going ahead and purchasing a sofa, it really is a good idea to think about the different types of fabric available and which of these will work best in your home. Each fabric has its own unique strengths and weaknesses; you just need to decide which one appeals to you the most.

All fabrics will experience wear over their lifetime which is why it is important that you make the right choice according to your circumstances, in order to get maximum use out of a specific sofa.

For a range of stunning sofas, both leather and fabric, visit

Guides & Help 2014-04-15

Small Living Room Design Ideas

Small Living Room Design Ideas.

Choose an all-white colour scheme

Nothing creates the illusion of space better than an all-white colour scheme. White reflects light, brightening the room and making it appear larger. If you are feeling particularly daring, go for a white carpet or swap it for white floorboard. This will also help add a feeling of space to your room.

Add reflective surfaces

The classic way to make a room appear large is by adding a mirror. Placing a large one over the mantelpiece is a sure fire way to give the illusion of space. You can however, add reflective surfaces into the rest of your room through mirrored furniture. Add a mirrored side table or a polished steel lamp; this will help bounce light around the room giving the impression of space.

Use multi-purpose furniture

One of the best ways to add a little extra storage or seating to a small living room is through multi-purpose furniture. An ottoman can be used as an extra seat or as a coffee table and can also have the benefit of built-in storage. Coffee tables with underneath shelving are a good place to store items. If you have room for a sofa, choose a sofa bed instead. This doubles up as somewhere to sit as well as a place for your guests to sleep if you have limited bedroom space.

Let the light in

Plenty of light will make any room appear larger. Either by artificial or natural lighting, a well-lit room is the perfect way to add the illusion of space to a small room. Remove heavy curtains letting in light through the windows. Add extra lamps, or if you have little space, then spotlights or wall mounted lighting will work just as well.

Go for stripes

Using stripes on your carpets can make a room feel much large than it is. Horizontal stripes can elongate a narrow room making it appear wider; while vertical stripes create the illusion of length making floors seem longer than they actually are. We have a wide range of striped carpets available here.

Choose a snuggler

For those with limited space in their living room, think about choosing a snuggler or a love seat instead of a full size sofa. Snugglers and love seats still have enough room for two but don’t take up the space a sofa would. This can save you valuable space and you can add additional seating with a small armchair and a footstool.

Build in storage

If you’re lucky enough to have a bay window in your living room, then you can use this space to build in a window seat across the bay. This will add extra seating, and you could also build in much needed storage underneath. If your room has alcoves, add some built-in cabinets or shelving this will increase your storage options leaving the rest of the room clear from clutter.


Guides & Help 2014-04-01

Choosing the Right Size Sofa

Choosing the right size sofa.

Buying a new sofa is a major investment. There is nothing worse than falling in love with one, only to get it home and find it doesn’t fit. Finding the right size sofa may seem simple but they come in all shapes and sizes. Your perfect sofa is out there, so before you buy do your homework and ask yourself these four questions.

1. Will it fit?
So you’ve found your perfect sofa, measured your room and guess what? It fits! Your sofa arrives and the happy occasion turns sour when you realise there’s no way it’s going to get through your door. It’s important to consider the size of not only your living space but the size of your doorways. Measure, then measure again not just your front door but anywhere the sofa is going to need to fit through. Do you need to get it upstairs or down a tight hallway? Always check to see if any legs can be removed as this could give you the few extra inches you may need.

2. How will it be used and who will use it?
Do you want the sofa for occasional sitting or for lounging? Is comfort your main priority or style? You need to decide what it is you want from your sofa and weigh it accordingly when making your choice. It’s also important to know just who is going to use the sofa on a regular basis. There’s no point buying one two-seater sofa when there are four people living in your house, cue never ending arguments about who gets to sit where.

3. Where will it go?
Before you purchase your sofa, you need to settle on just where it is you want to put it and decide what shape will fit best. Perhaps you’re looking to use your sofa as a room divider or maybe you want it to sit under a window. For this you would need to check the height to ensure you’re not blocking the view. Is their other furniture in the room your sofa needs to work with? For those who enjoy rearranging their furniture, make sure to choose a versatile sofa the moves easily.

Shop the Perez

Guides & Help 2014-03-20

To Recline or Not to Recline?

Perfect for putting your feet up, recliners are the ultimate in home comfort. Dating back as early as the 1800s, the style has evolved into the modern recliners we know today. The tendency for Americans to put their feet up and lean back in their chairs led to the design of wood slat chairs which became popular when upholstered. In 1929 two American cousins founded La-Z-Boy, creating their unique recliner mechanism which allowed them to take the recliner market by storm. These designs are essentially the same as the recliners still sold today.

These days there are two main types of recliners available; manual and power. Manual recliners are adjusted by hand, with a lever or body motion while power recliners use an electric motor to change position at the touch of a button, giving you the option to adjust to a more precise angle.

Before choosing a recliner, take a look at our pros and cons and see if a recliner really is what you need for your home:


  • Recliners are perfect for relaxing in after a long day. You can kick back in comfort in front of the TV and catch up on your favourite shows or watch a movie.
  • A recliner is a versatile piece of furniture. Not only can it be used as seating but with its adjustable design, it can be used to sleep on as well. Ideal for homes where space is limited, a recliner won’t take up the room a sofa bed will.
  • Power recliners need no physical strength to operate the mechanism so they allow people of all ages and abilities to recline easily.
  • Recliner sofas are typically sectional, so you can choose which part of your sofa you want to recline. Not all seats have to recline at the same time.


  • Recliners tend to take up more space than regular sofas and chairs as they need plenty of room around them to recline. If you have a small living space then a recliner probably isn’t the best choice for you. Make sure you measure you room before you buy to make sure you can fit a recliner in the space.
  • Recliners can be heavy because the additional mechanisms, so they aren’t ideal if you plan on moving your furniture frequently.
  • You will find that recliners are likely to be more expensive than non-recliners; extra features are usually available which will only add to the cost.
  • Power recliners require a power source to operate. Depending on where your plug sockets are located in your home, you may be limited to where you can place your recliner. There is also the problem of the power cord which can be unsightly and a trip hazard.