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1/4 Brits refuse to have guests stay over the Christmas period!

  • One in four of us refuse to have guests stay
  • 15% of us don’t give clean sheets or towels
  • 22% of us don’t bother cleaning at all

With Christmas just around the corner, we carried out a study to find out just how much spring cleaning Brits plan on doing before having guests to stay the night.

We surveyed more than 1,000 Brits, who have played host to friends or relatives in the past, to uncover just what they get up to – with some shocking results:

– 20% admitted to still serving food after they’ve dropped it on the floor

– 15% don’t change the sheets before having guests to stay the night

– 10% even revealed they have given guests dirty towels pretending that they were clean

Looking at cleaning in general, although over half of respondents (53%) would happily spend up to four hours preparing the house for a visit from the mother in law, one in five Brits would only spend 30 minutes or less for their father in law.

Long-term partners fare even less in the cleaning efforts with a third (30%) saying they would spend less than 30 minutes scrubbing and tidying, and a shocking 22% revealing they wouldn’t bother to clean their house at all.

In comparison, a quarter of those in a new relationship agreed they would be spending several hours making sure their place is in tip top shape before their other half’s arrival.

However, staying at someone’s house is a two-way street. When asked what pet hates Brits have in regards to guests, getting dirty footprints all over the floor or carpet came out as the biggest gripe, with over a third (35%) revealing this was their main irritation. Not taking shoes off (27%) and putting their feet up on the sofa or coffee table (21%) were amongst the other biggest grumbles.

Overall, the top six complaints hosts have towards guests are:

  • Dirty footprints all over the carpet / floor (35%)
  • Not taking shoes off when they walk in (27%)
  • Spending all their time on a mobile phone at the dinner table (26%)
  • Putting their feet up on the sofa or coffee table (21%)
  • Not offering to clean up (17%)
  • Helping themselves to food in the fridge (16%)

Christmas guests

Although one in four of us (23%) refuse to have any guests over Christmas, those that are should be aware that their guests are a discerning bunch, with one in four saying they would judge the state of a house, and 21% adding they are expecting to be ‘properly looked after’ during the entire stay.

When coming to visit, guests listed clean sheets (60%), a tidy and clean bathroom (39%), and their own bed (36%) as the top three factors that were of upmost importance for a comfortable stay.

Kevin Royal, Managing Director at ScS, said: “With Christmas approaching, we were interested to look at what guests and hosts are guilty of, and what their pet hates are.

“As a furniture and flooring retailer, we know how precious sofas, carpets and dining furniture are to people, so it’s interesting to see that hosts are very particular about their floors and dislike it when guests leave their shoes on or put their feet up on the sofa!

“We hope our research helps raise awareness of important guest and host etiquette over key holiday periods to help ensure everything goes as swimmingly as possible.”

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