Entertainment 2020-12-10

The UK’s strangest Christmas traditions revealed

Every family has their own way of doing Christmas Day, but some have weird and wonderful traditions you’d never expect.

We surveyed the nation to find out some of the most popular traditions and revealed almost one in ten (9%) Brits will eat their Christmas dinner sat on the sofa, with nearly a fifth (18%) eating in front of the TV.

Guides & Help 2020-11-26

Winter Saving Tips

Some of the simplest ways to reduce your bills this winter

We are all feeling the pinch this winter and, like many people in the UK, are trying to find ways to get the cost of bills down while we spend more time at home this winter.

That’s why we have teamed up with experts [JG1] to bring you some top tips on how to do this as easily as possible.

Styles & Trends 2019-09-12

Autumn Trends at ScS

With summer looking like its well and truly on its way out, its time to start thinking about preparing our homes for the crisp and cool Autumn evenings which are heading straight our way. See below for or top tips for keeping your home as cosy as possible.

Guides & Help 2019-05-29

How To Get Rid of Scratches in Your Glass

No matter how many coasters, place mats and covers we place on our tables and other glass surfaces, they are always prone to small scratches and chips. Not to fear though, here at ScS our glass specialists have put together some handy tips on how to get rid of these pesky scuffs.

Guides & Help 2019-04-27

How to liven up your living room

With summer right around the corner and the sun starting to make one or two guest appearances, its time to start freshening up your living room and bringing it back to life from those cold, dark, wet winter nights!

Here are 3 simple tips on how to liven up your living room

Guides & Help 2019-04-12

How to measure your floor

Ordering new flooring for your home is easy with ScS, but the idea of measuring your room correctly, ensuring you don’t purchase too much and waste your money, or too little and run out, can be a little daunting.