Trend: Berry Bright

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Trend: Berry Bright.

Berry colours are exuberant and versatile and using them in your home adds an interesting twist to traditional decoration. Typically thought of as winter colours, spicy berries need not be restricted to the festive season. The most exciting aspect of the berry trend is the sheer range of colours you can use, from bright raspberry tones to dark burgundies and everything in between. This broad spectrum of colours ensures you will find a colour you love and one that will work well within your home.

Berry colours work better in moderation, overdoing them can overwhelm a room. It is perhaps best to start small adding little amounts of colour using accessories. Vivid berry colours are good for this; they easily complement other interior colours while adding a vibrant flair to your room. This way you can see how you really feel about the colour and see if it works well within the room before committing to something more permanent.

hudson-red-table-lamp    gabby-purple-table-lamp

If you are feeling brave, think about painting a feature wall in your favourite berry colour. Fruity berry tones are perfect for adding a splash of colour. They are versatile too so you won’t find it too difficult matching them with your decorating scheme.

For those feeling even braver, you could go for a berry coloured carpet. Carpets come in a variety of shades so you are sure to find a vivacious berry colour for you home. But take care; a berry carpet will have a massive impact on your interior. Keep your walls and decoration neutral in order to balance out the brightness of your flooring.

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If decorating your walls or floors isn’t for you, then berry colours can make a huge impact when used as the focal point of a room. A berry sofa is perfect and used against a neutral wall will create a statement stand-out piece, allowing the dramatic colouring to really pop.

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With the diverse palette available, berry colours definitely offer you choice. They are easy to incorporate and are a perfect choice for those looking to add a touch of excitement to their room. The repeated appearance of berry in interior designs shows that this is one trend that is definitely here to stay.