The king of the couch is crowned

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After almost 700 entries, our King of the Couch has been crowned! We asked you to send in snaps of your sofa-hogging pets and we’ve finally found our winner. Meet your King, Eddie – the adorable 11-month-old Dalmatian puppy from Pontefract.


Your winner, Eddie. “Spotty has found his spot on the sofa!”

Despite his young age, Eddie isn’t prepared to share the sofa (or his crown) with anybody. Eddie fought off tough competition from other couch surfing pooches, cats and even one incredibly lazy lizard to win the title.

His owner, Laura Dixon, was thrilled about winning the competition. Laura, her partner James, and Eddie have won a stay at the pet-friendly Beck Hall Hotel in Yorkshire, as well as a professional pet photoshoot at Prodoto Photographic Studios and a £50 Pets at Home voucher.

Laura revealed that Eddie regularly stakes his claim on their sofa, and it definitely wasn’t a one-time thing for the camera. “He usually has one side of the corner sofa and we have to sit on the other side to make way for him. He does get what he want,” she admitted, “because you can’t refuse anything to that little face.” We don’t think we could resist Eddie’s cute face either, or any of our lovable entries’ faces in fact!

So many of your pets seem to have a tendency for hogging the sofa and we’ve absolutely loved looking through the photos. Take a look at our top 10 finalists below, or click here to view all of the entries to the King of the Couch competition.


Monty, Wigan: “When Monty our Newfoundland from Wigan wants to get comfy on the sofa it doesn’t matter who is sitting on there. He will always find a space to fit into, even if it is a tight squeeze!”

Archie, Burton on Trent “This cheeky chappy Archie from Burton on Trent is as good as gold, but try and pinch his favourite spot on the sofa and boy do you know about it!”

original (2)

7. Gem, Panda, Buffy and Yani, Paignton “Gem, Panda, Buffy and Yani the cat at the end. I get a few centimetres.”


Oscar, Middlewich “Oscar is king of the couch and king of everywhere. He’s the cutest puppy ever and is like a little celebrity everywhere we go.”

original (3)

Dexter, Sasha and Sadie “Dexter, Sasha and Sadie making sure we have to sit on the floor!

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Misty, Scout, Sparky and Izzy, Leicester “Misty, Scout, Sparky and Izzy – be honest would you dare to ask them to move? Whippets have been described as the ultimate couch potatoes and so they are just doing what comes naturally. We, his owners accept that sitting on the floor is part of the deal.”

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Uber, Barnsley “Uber with his Grandad”

original (4)

Negan, Birmingham

original (2)

Amber, Glasgow “This is Amber our rescue cat from Glasgow. She is 9 months old. You will always find her lying on her back on the couch or the chair.”

 We’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone who entered the competition. We received so many fantastic photos, it was definitely a difficult process to crown just one King of the Couch. But here’s to Eddie – long live the King!