Trend: Floral bloom

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Trend: Floral bloom.

A popular room trend of the moment is floral and if done correctly, all those flowery patterns and floral textures can add that fresh welcoming touch to any home.
There has been a huge surge in poppy prints, bright flower patterns and bold embellishments so now is the time to get a little floral in your life.

What flower will suit my home?
Roses are big because they create a soft vintage feel (vintage, now that’s a whole new blog post all together) and at ScS we have a large range of rose artwork for you to choose from. If you want to create a more modern feel then opt for daisies and sunflowers, they are bright yet subtle and add a touch of class to your living space.

floral picturepink flower art

If you’re looking to create an oriental twist in your room then an orchid print is perfect. They inject a tranquil feel to your home without being over powering, perfectly calming and great if you live a hectic life. Lotus flowers work well with dark woods and plain furniture to create an exotic feel, but if the Mediterranean is more your style, then opt for primroses or geraniums.

purple flower  poppy artwork

If you’re feeling frantically floral, why not invest in a true statement piece for your room? The Wade Sanders would be just that. The emerald print cushions brighten up this range beautifully and they will be sure to brighten up your home, without being too overpowering. This gorgeous sofa radiates high quality and will give you great comfort for many years to come.

Whatever your style, florals are great for injecting some colour and freshness into your home going into spring.


Annabel Fleming