Summer 2014 Design Trends

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Now that the long winter is over and the British summertime has finally arrived, interior designers are beginning to prepare their homes for the coming months. After such a harsh start to the year for some, people are not wasting any time when it comes to making the most of the summer.  In 2014, it is likely that we will see healthier eating, plenty of garden parties and outdoor entertainment. So continue reading if you’d like some summer 2014 interior design trends/ideas for this season.

With a promising start to spring, now is the time to begin re-designing your rooms to reflect your own personality as well as the current trends of the season. Warm weather makes way for easy furniture removal and storage – don’t worry about having the hassle of laying the new carpet, painting or moving large objects, everyone is likely to be in the garden anyway, giving you plenty of room to customise your space.

A few small changes are sometimes all it takes to breathe an entire new life in to your home – this doesn’t have to cost a fortune either. Let’s take a look at the neutral trend this year.


As the stresses of daily life continue to rise, some of you seek to find simplicity in your homes. One of the trends this summer sees white regain its popularity. Don’t be too concerned about your room looking bland though, simply adding wall art and a few interior decorations can make all the difference to your room and it doesn’t have to break the bank. Add tables and lamps to create warmth and ambiance. White is a great colour as it gives the impression of more space and it creates a clean, simple feel in your room. So if you’re looking to make things both simple and neutral in your rooms, white is the way to go.


Tropical Retreat

floral pattern tropInterior design has taken a lot of inspiration from the fashion industry and this year it looks as though tropical themes are going to surface. There is something reassuring about using animal prints on furniture, walls and ceramics, and bright colours to decorate a room. It creates a sense of relaxation, diversion and tranquillity.

Use dark green colours and offset them with brighter neons to create a contrast with the specific material. This will give the room a unique, modern and fresh feel. Floral imagery and prints should be used to create the tone of the room and then simply add decorations such as a small coffee table to give the room the edge. Floral patterned sofas can be used to add to the tropical tone of the room.


Colour Play

colourplayExperimenting with colours is a great way to create impact in your room. Create contrasts between colours to add vibrancy. Glass, concrete and plastics are the main materials for this trend as it focuses on man-made materials and products, automatically modernising any room. Use strong, bold shaped furniture and decorations as the basis for your colour play to really emphasise the contract where the colours meet. Wire-framed sofas and tall thin lamps help to create a bold design statement.





Outdoor Living: Inside

This summer will see a trend which aims to merge the outdoors with the indoors. Here we will see things such as outdoor furniture being used inside, as well as unique and interesting internal decorations, designed to create that ‘WOW’ factor. Natural colours such as green and blues create an all-natural feeling, with plants being used frequently as decoration. Add an aquarium or a water feature to create a sense of nature. As far as seating goes wooden furniture will be a popular choice, as well as rocks sculptured in to chairs.



Before beginning any interior design, it is advised to consider the following:

  • Do you have enough space for what you want to do?
  • Bold colours are in – don’t be afraid to paint your home something more adventurous.
  • Take in to account family members who use the space and also its purpose.
  • Have a clear objective – know what look you’re going for and try to maintain consistency.
  • Don’t be afraid of being unique.



Jess New