Painting with Bold Colours

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Painting with Bold Colours.

Painting all your walls white is a thing of the past. Today using bright and bold colours can be quick, easy and inexpensive and totally transform your living space into one that’s alive and inviting.

Here are some top tips for painting with colour:

Dark colours – When painting with dark colours the common consensus is that it makes your room appear smaller, this isn’t always the case. Dark colours work well when trying to create a more sensuous and intimate mood, great for bedrooms and hallways.

Using red – Red is great for making larger rooms feel cosier and more intimate or alternatively perfect for a feature wall. Try and stay away from more orangey red tones and bright reds to avoid an overpowering glow or it feeling too festive. Remember to do a test patch, preferably on a board that can be moved into different sections of the room to assess the colour in both natural and artificial light, because what initially seems like a good colour in natural light may be too dark for when sun goes down, so it’s essential you get the perfect red colourspurple bedroompainting with purplepainting eith pink bedroom

Yellow – Yellow paint and light colours are perfect for creating a feature wall in your bedroom, hallway, kitchen or lounge. It’s key to accessorise with neutral furnishings and if you’re using a pattern keep it consistent in terms of fabrics. Yellow is an ultra-stylish colour and is sure to brighten up any space beautifully.

painting with yellowpink hallway bright colourspainting interior doorsred hallway

The key to using bold wall throughout your home is to only use this technique in a few of your rooms. The bedroom, the hallway and the kitchen for example, to ensure your home isn’t overpowered with colour. For smaller homes and stylish flats using one bold colour will establish a focal point in your home. Popular rooms to display this technique are lounge and the kitchen as these two rooms are almost always where you and your guests will spend most of your time.

The beauty of a bold feature wall is that they can easily be changed and updated to adapt to changing trends, lifestyle and personality – meaning your room will be fresh and modern.

Remember, you don’t always have to paint the walls, a pop of colour in a sideboard or a door frame can make a subtle statement all on its own.

TOP TIP – Always think of the end result when painting with a bold colour. If you’re having a total overhaul then take into consideration your accessories, door frames and furniture colours. If you’re adding to your room then be sure to use a colour that complements the décor and furniture you have already, always remembering a test patch to get the best result.

Go forth and be fearless in painting with bright colours!

Jess New