Mix & Match Leather and Fabric

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Don’t be scared at the thought of mixing both leather and fabric sofas all in one space. Mixing different fabrics and textures may seem difficult but if you stick to the basics it’s easy to achieve a truly stylish look.
It’s important to keep the shape and size of your sofas similar, as one oversized leather sofa and one tiny 2 seater fabric sofa will not create an ultra-stylish look, the idea is to make them look as though they belong together. This is also the case for colours. Even though the colours can be different, try and keep shades and tones consistent. For example, if you have a square black leather sofa with chrome feet, don’t match it with a round floral fabric sofa with wooden feet.

The key to using contrasting textures, patterns and materials through your sofas is to keep a neutral wall base. This doesn’t necessarily mean white or beige but if you do use colour remember to reflect the style and theme in the room. Use warm tones and neutral palettes, adding that personal touch or pattern through accessories that complement both sofas. For example, a light brown sofa will work well with cream, coffee and beige walls or alternatively a red wall for a bold contrast. If you want to add a patterned design into your room, display this through pillows, throws and accessories ensuring not take the focus off your contrasting sofas.

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Your lounge is a key room within your home, it’s where people spend most of their time and it’s almost always the room guests see first. Using fabric and leather is a great way to add texture and dimension into your space and accessorising with matching colours and materials will pull it all together nicely. Leather is a luxurious and trusty material so it’s only right to accessorise it well. Use dark wood tables if the leather is dark and your fabric sofa is light, or use glass and rustic frames to complement your sofas colours.

If you’re not quite ready to take the plunge into the world of mixing leather and fabric sofas then try adding a leather (if you have a fabric sofa) or fabric chair (if you have a leather sofa) accessorised with a throw or pillow to slowly inject a bit of this trend into your home. This is also a brilliant way to use the mix and match combination if you have a smaller room with space for only one sofa.

marcelle-plain-accent-chair-black leather chaircream leather chairgrey fabric chairNow mix and match away!




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