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ScS News 2018-03-14

Essex youngster crowned top designer in My Sofa Is Competition

To celebrate the natural creativity of youngsters, we teamed up with Ashley Manor, a UK award-winning upholstery expert, to launch a nationwide design competition called ‘My Sofa is’.

Gracee Denning, aged 10, has been crowned the top designer, with her school inspired sofa winning first place in a national vote. The Essex youngster entered her design (below) with the caption: “My sofa is… all about my school, it’s bright and will make people happy when they see it. I came up with this sofa because I realised school has lots of equipment and subjects and I’ve put all these into our super school sofa.”

My Sofa Is

Ashley Manor will work with Gracee to make her sofa a reality and donate it to Gracee’s school, Noak Bridge Primary School in Basildon. Gracee has also been given the trip of a lifetime to Disneyland Paris. On winning the competition, Gracee said:

“I am extremely happy! What came as a surprise for me was not only my sofa being made for my school, but also a trip to Disneyland!! As well as all this, I have the lovely comments that people wrote about me.

“I hope to carry on with art in the future, and with my job when I am older. I would like to be a photographer, or sell my pieces of art and become an amazing artist. I am so so happy that I won, thank you so much.”

Children across the UK were invited to enter the competition, with us receiving over 300 entries. Some of the runners up can be seen below:

My Sofa Is

Learning through the Seasons – Evie-Grace, aged 6 years – Bhyll Acre Primary School, Wolverhampton
My sofa story: ‘My sofa is… all about the different seasons as we’ve learnt about them at school recently. I love learning and being at school with my friends all year round.’

Sweet Treats – Lauren, aged 8 years – Dame Janet Primary Academy, Ramsgate
My sofa story: ‘My Grandad loves liquorice, so my sofa is… a colourful, yummy sofa for us to eat his favourite sweets and watch a film together.’

Magic Tree – Jacob, aged 7 years – Ton-Yr-Ywen Primary School, Cardiff
My sofa story: ‘Inspired by my school badge, my sofa is… a tree with many different leaves. It will make you feel like you’re sitting in its branches with our school mascots Nuts the squirrel and Walt the owl.’

Unite in Comfort – Marie, aged 9 years and 5 months – Dame Janet Primary Academy, Ramsgate
My sofa story: ‘My sofa is… a place all countries can unite together in comfort, all ethnicities and origins relaxing as one.’

Guides & Help 2017-06-29

Our top tips for cleaning your sofa

We have carried out research to find out exactly what Brits are losing down the back of their sofas every day, and we’re encouraging people to spring into action and discover what’s hidden in their couch.

The study found that three quarters of Brits have found money in their sofa while cleaning, with more than £3 million hidden down the back of the nation’s sofas. Aside from cash, the most common items Brits have found when cleaning their sofas include uneaten food (27%), car keys (21%), glasses (18%), lost bankcards (15%), and even underwear (8%). Looking at some of the more obscure items found in our sofas, respondents admitted to discovering old chewing gum, scissors, dog chews, a condom and even a couple of mice!

Simon Nicholson, Furniture Buying Director at ScS, said: “According to our research, nearly eight out of 10 (76%) UK adults clean their sofa less than once a month on average, which means there will be plenty of sofas around the country in need of some TLC.

Cleaning your sofa

“With the likes of uneaten food and dirty underwear festering in our nation’s sofas, we recommend regularly cleaning and sprucing up your sofa to keep it looking at its best. Here are my tips to help keep your sofa looking new for longer:

Plump up your sofa cushions

“Simply plumping up your cushions and dressing your sofa regularly can make a huge difference to its appearance and longevity, and only takes a couple of minutes to do.”

Vacuum your sofa

Cleaning your sofa

“Gently vacuuming your sofa just once a week will remove any dirt, dust, and crumbs, which collect over time and can lead to dulling of the fabric, particularly the front of the arms.”

Avoid direct sunlight

“Turning your cushions around and ensuring your sofa is kept out of direct sunlight, and away from heaters and radiators, will help keep your sofa’s colour consistent, especially fabric sofas.”

Avoid abrasive cleaning products

“Silicone polishes, detergents and other abrasive cleaning products should be avoided when cleaning your sofa. Spillages should be blotted as quickly as possible, ideally with a clean, dry white cloth. We also have a range of specialist cleaning kits available which can help with tackling specific spillages and liquid stains.”

Snags and decorative detailing

“Take extra care with shoes, belt buckles and jewellery on sofas with decorative detailing such as fringing or tassels, and especially with delicate fabrics.”

For more information about caring for your sofa, click here.

ScS News 2017-06-12

The history of ScS!

After 120 years of trading, ScS has gone from a single, family run furniture store to one of the UK’s largest sofa and carpet specialists, with 100 stores nationwide.

ScS began trading as a general home furnishings store in Sunderland in 1894, under the name Sunderland Suites Centres, before growing steadily within the North East over the next 100 years.

By the 1980s, the business operated from eight stores in the North East of England, moving from general furnishings to specialising in selling upholstered furniture.

Following a management buyout in 1993, the business began to expand outside of the North East, and focused on establishing ScS as a major UK sofa specialist, operating from larger and more modern stores in retail park locations.

With new management in position, a store extension programme was put in place to ensure continuous expansion of the business and by 2007 ScS had increased to 95 stores nationwide, under the guidance of the company’s Chief Executive Offer David Knight, who was appointed in 2002.

History of ScS!

In 2012, following the launch of flooring products at ScS, the company was re-branded ‘Sofa Carpet Specialist’ and a number of operational initiatives were also undertaken, including upgrades to business processes, management information and information technology systems.

These improvements within the business led to ScS Group plc being listed on the London Stock Exchange in 2015, following a successful initial public offering.

Following this, five more stores were opened, taking us to a total of 100 stores across the country from as far north as Aberdeen all the way down to Plymouth, and we now employ more than 1,400 people across the UK.

Throughout this growth process, we have ensured that the needs of our customers have remained at the core of everything we do, and our mission is to deliver excellent service, value and quality through the passion and care of our employees, that is why all of our specialists are all expertly trained in their field.

We pride ourselves on giving our customers a unique shopping experience allowing them to shop easily in-store, online or by phone, with experienced sofa and flooring professionals on hand to provide expert knowledge and advice.

ScS News 2017-05-24

Seaham Coast U7s football team kick off with support from ScS

ScS has donated £1,000 towards the Seaham Coast Football Club, allowing the U7s squad to develop into a full team and become a member of the Durham County Football Association. The club has also signed up Lee French, Senior Business Reporting Analyst at ScS, to manage the team.

The club approached Lee to coach the youngsters as his son currently plays on the team along with ScS’s CFO Chris Muir’s son. Wanting to take on the challenge of building and developing a football team, Lee accepted the position.

Seaham Coast Football Club has teams ranging from under 7s right through to under 18s and began 10 years ago. Quickly becoming popular in the region, the club has over 150 children registered to its teams who each compete in leagues across the North East.

Lee French, Senior Business Reporting Analyst at ScS, says: “The biggest challenge, even for a grass roots under 7s football team, is the red tape. Costs such as insurance, purchasing strips, coats for the kids, organising and paying for training facilities, league fees, pitch fees and referees fees can all add up especially when combined with the cost of training equipment like bibs, balls and cones.

“I quickly realised that, just to get the under 7s team started, I was going to need in excess of £1,000 so I approached ScS for support and funding.  Kevin Royal, ScS MD and his wife Ann, agreed to support the cause and without their generosity we wouldn’t have been able to get the team to where it is today.  We have been able to purchase all necessary items and the team has been given a great start to their footballing career!

“The great side of coaching the team is seeing the kids progress, develop and play the game they love. We have recently joined the Russell Foster Tyne & Wear Youth League which is excellently run and we now play our games at a pitch that has brilliant facilities.”

Seaham Coast U7s

Seaham Coast U7s football team with coach Lee French, Senior Business Reporting Analyst at ScS

Lindsey Duncton, Marketing Manager at ScS, said: “ScS is incredibly proud to support the U7s team at Seaham Coast Football Club. It’s great to support a local cause that is encouraging young children to be passionate about sport.

“It’s also great that Lee has been signed by the team to help coach the young squad. He will be able to develop the skills of the team which will hopefully lead to league success.”

Entertainment 2016-06-07

The most iconic sofas on TV and the facts behind them

Over the years, a number of sofas have become so iconic within TV shows that they are almost as recognisable as the characters themselves. Here’s our top five, and the stories behind them:

You’re in my spot! Described as ‘the single point of consistency in an ever changing world’, Sheldon’s spot on the left of The Big Bang Theory’s iconic brown leather sofa has become so intertwined with his awkward personality, that the show could not function without it. But, it’s more than simple OCD, as Sheldon explains: “In the winter that seat is close enough to the radiator to remain warm, and yet not so close as to cause perspiration. In the summer it’s directly in the path of a cross breeze created by open windows there, and there. It faces the television at an angle that is neither direct, thus discouraging conversation, nor so far wide to create a parallax distortion.”

Can you imagine having a permanent reservation for the best seat in your favourite coffee shop? For over a decade that’s exactly what the Friends’ gang had in Central Perk as their social lives revolved around the iconic morhair orange couch. While the sofa always seemed conveniently free, especially for a central New York coffee shop, you may not have noticed, there was always a reserved sign on the sofa, especially for the gang!

The Simpsons’ sofa is arguably the most iconic cartoon sofa on TV, with the opening credits orientated around it in every episode. But, did you know, the scene plays a vital role in the length each ‘Simpsons’ episode. If an episode is shorter than usual, the couch scene is extended to fill time. Or, if an episode runs long, the scene is kept short.

Can you imagine listening sitting on the sofa for ten years listening to your dad telling the story of ‘How I Met Your Mother’? Penny and Luke Moseby spent a full decade on their black leather chesterfield sofa, listening to Ted’s story, but did you know, the scenes with the kids were filmed nine years before the finale because the actors would age and the producers wanted the children to look the same?

Dr Frasier Crane’s bachelor pad, overlooking the Seattle skyline, contains only the most carefully selected furniture, including his prized sofa, which is a copy of the one owned by Coco Chanel in Paris. Despite his hand-picked, exquisite furniture, it’s his father’s battered, striped armchair that steals the show!

As this list shows, your sofa says a lot about your personality, so make sure you take the time to pick the right one to suit you and your lifestyle. If you need some help, our sofa buying guide is full of useful hints and tips!