Decorating Open Plan Spaces

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Decorating Open Plan Spaces.

Open plan living areas can be a homeowner’s dream. Both practical and stylish, open plan spaces allow the light to flow and give easy interaction between people no matter what they are doing. A shared space for cooking, living and eating has become the heart of the modern home, a perfect social space for entertaining or for all the family to be together, even if they are doing different things.

Here are a few tips on how to create a functional and stylish open plan living area that you and all the family can enjoy.

Divide up spaces

Open plan living areas can lack a sense of cosiness so one way to combat this is by dividing up your living space creating distinct zones. Furniture placement is a perfect way to do this. Face your sofa away from the dining and kitchen area this uses the back of the sofa as a divider, or use a corner sofa which will brilliantly separate the areas.

Storage units are another great way of creating zones with your room whilst providing a practical use. Open units maintain the feeling of space as they allow the light to flow through and using units that can be easily moved provide a flexible option as you can change the layout of your room when you want.

Central fireplaces are excellent for defining spaces. They work best when placed between the living and dining areas creating a focal point and giving the space a homely feel which open plan spaces often lack. In the kitchen area, a breakfast bar or island unit are an excellent way to separate the spaces whilst also giving extra storage and a place to eat or work.

Consider your colour scheme

It is best to avoid dark colours when decorating your open plan living area. The main feature of open plan spaces is it gives a sense of space while allowing light to flow through. A dark colour scheme will deter from this so opt for neutral decoration. You could consider painting an accent wall to break up the neutral scheme or use bright colours in your accessories, this will add a pop to the room and are easily changeable when you fancy something different.

Clever lighting

Using lighting well with your open plan living area will really open up the room, enhancing the feeling of space. Use different types of lighting in each zone, this will help create an individual mood for each area. In the kitchen use down lighters or spotlights as this area is where the most activity will take place so a bright well lit space is needed. Use softer lighting in the living area, swapping the brightness for intimate lamps or uplighters for a restful cosy ambiance.