Our favourite Only Fools and Horses Christmas Specials

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Rodney and Dell Boy have delivered some of the best comedy over the last century, and their Christmas specials have become a time aged Christmas tradition that’s right up there with the Queen’s speech and your post dinner nap.

There have been some absolute classics over the years, but we’ve managed to narrow it down to five, so here goes:

Heroes and Villains

This is not only up there with the funniest Only Fools and Horses episodes; it’s one of the funniest and most memorable TV episodes of all time. Only Rodney and Dell Boy would break down en route to a fancy dress party, dressed up as Batman and Robin, find themselves at the scene of a mugging and unwittingly save the day.

Jolly Boys Outing

First anniversaries are a special occasion for most people, but Rodney is not most people. Despite it being his first anniversary with Cassandra, he throws caution to the wind and heads to Margate for the annual Jolly Boys Outing with Dell, Boycie and Trigger. As always, the gang have a disastrous run of luck with their dodgy radio blowing up the couch and Rodney ending up in handcuffs.

Modern Men

Dell Boy has always had a deluded sense of sophistication about him, with his disastrous attempts at speaking French and his worldly knowledge, and once he starts reading a book entitled The Modern Man, he convinces himself that he is the definition of debonair masculinity and his actions become increasingly irrational.

Time on our hands

‘This time next year we’ll be millionaires Rodney!’ For years it was Dell’s favourite line, and it wasn’t until they hit rock bottom and he tried flogging his treasures to Raquel’s father that their dreams became a reality. An antiques dealer by trade, her father discovered a long lost watch in amongst his junk that went on to fetch a staggering £6.2 million!

To Hull and Back

In an ill-fated deal to smuggle diamonds into the country from Amsterdam, Dell Boy takes Uncle Albert and Rodney to Amsterdam to hire a boat to bring the diamonds across the ocean in an attempt to avoid customs. But as always, Dell gets caught red handed!

After watching one of these classic Christmas episodes, there’s only one thing left to do – curl up on the sofa for your traditional afternoon nap!